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PHP – PDORow Class

The PHP class PDORow represents a row of a result set returned by PDOStatement::fetch() called with the fetch mode PDO_FETCH_LAZY.

PDO_FETCH_LAZY is a data fetching mode that allows PHP to load the data of the columns in a result row only when necessary. This can be useful to improve the performance of applications that don’t need to access all the data in all result rows.

In addition to its default $queryString property, the PDORow object creates properties corresponding to the names of the columns returned in the result set as they are accessed.

Instances of objects of this class cannot be created.

Sinopsis / Synopsis
 final class PDORow {
/* Properties */
public string $queryString;


$queryString – Query string used by the PDOStatement that returned the PDORow object.

Example of PHP PDORow Class

This class implements the Iterator interface. Although it may not be explicitly mentioned in its synopsis, you can use foreach directly on the PDORow object it generates.

query("SELECT * FROM usuarios");

// Obtener todas las filas de resultados
$rows = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_LAZY);

// Iterar sobre las filas de resultados
foreach ($rows as $row) {
    // Acceder al valor de la columna `nombre`
    $nombre = $row["nombre"];

    // Imprimir el valor de la columna `nombre`
    echo $nombre;

// Cerrar la conexión PDO
$pdo = null;

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