Http status code and reason message

Http header use http status to know what’s going on with the procceses of a request and send a response composed by Status-Line; (( general-header; response-header; | entity-header ) ); [ message-body ]; 1xx: Informational – Request received, continuing process 2xx: Success – The action was successfully received, understood, and accepted 3xx: Redirection – Further […]

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VIM -text editor

Contenido: Introduction VIM installation on linux Let’s take a look at vim modes The .vimrc file Block and unblock VIM Plugins Managers Vundle installation VIM-Plug installation Necessary plugins for programmers Introduction Vim is a text editor that we can use in any OS, its really configurable and lightweight, two of the reasons why a quantity […]

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Linux basics commands

Being a programmer or a simple user in linux its good to know the basic commands on linux. Maybe you think ok I can handle this using my Linux GUI but not. On this section we will see the commands that you need to know as a newbie on linux. Content: Introduction Super user mode(sudo) […]

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Adding style to Linux Console

Although it not seems helpful personalize linux console it helps a lot when you are working in a vps server over putty or other type of connection. Generally ubuntu comes with a personalized console that is bash(shell), but not all time happens this. Working with a console only white and black could be a mess […]

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