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This is my personal blog about programming, I hope you as a visitor enjoy it as I createing new content. The following are the principal categories in this blog.

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CSRF protection in PHP

Protection against CSRF in PHP must be one of the priorities on your website.Functionality:Generally, this is done with a session and a randomly created token. This token will be passed with our form and then compared with the session token. If the session token is different, nothing sent by the form will be processed.

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Integrating C libraries into the Go language on Windows

Today, we will see how we can integrate C libraries into the Go language when using the Windows operating system.

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Frequently Used Predefined Environment Variables in Go

Go has some predefined environment variables that are frequently used and should be taken into account, as they will be useful in our projects. For example, GOOS will give us the operating system we are on.

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Native CSS Nesting

Since 2023, we can use nested CSS natively, which allows for much clearer and more understandable stylesheets. But let's go back in time to understand the difference that having this at our disposal makes.

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PHP – Error Handling

In PHP, errors are handled somewhat differently compared to other languages. PHP will attempt to continue execution despite encountering errors until a fatal error occurs. Of course, it will provide notifications of these errors.

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