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This is my personal blog about programming, I hope you as a visitor enjoy it as I createing new content. The following are the principal categories in this blog.

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Composer -the PHP dependency manager

¿What is composer? Let’s allow composer creators to define their program, I Thought is the best way to understand it in a few lines what it is. Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the libraries your project depends on and it will manage (install/update) them for you. […]

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Installing Laravel

The very first time that I installed Laravel was really tedious, I didn’t know what was composer, I remember that searched where to download Laravel, The other framework that I used before was CodeIgniter. The first thing you want to do is downloading it, but that thing doesn’t exist here. The First thing you need […]

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How to install Node.js on Linux

PUBLISHED | CHECKED | PEER: NOT NECESSARY This post was created by pure necessity, it was not planned. Time ago Node.js gave a preinstallation .deb file that you could install easily. Nowadays, Node just give you the binary file, and you need to do with it the installation. You could say ¿why not install it […]

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Axios and Laravel

PUBLISHED – NOT CHECKED YET In this post we will see how to us axios and Laravel. By default laravel comes with axios and bootrstrap. In this case, the default case you have not to do anything you can use post with axios cause Laravel come with code that obtain the csrf-token for you and […]

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PHP implode

PHP implode function permit us convert an arrray into a String, but the term correct is that impode make a union($glue) between the array elements creating a string. This function recives 2 parameters, $glue and the $array. Syntax : implode($glue,$array); Let’s make a little example, suppose we have a list of users and i need […]

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