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This is my personal blog about programming, I hope you as a visitor enjoy it as I createing new content. The following are the principal categories in this blog.

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Sending Emails with PHP

On this post I’m going to explain how to send Email with PHP, at first this post was thought to touch function mail() only, but this probably is not the best tool to send emails in your situation, so I’ll divide this post in 3, this and 2 other post writing about how to send […]

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PHP Sessions

Sometimes we need to create a website that need sessions to know if a user is logged or not, or other data we need between pages. session_start() We can start a session anytime with session_start() or resume the existing one. Recuerde que las sesiones se utilizan para guardar datos de la sesión mientras esta está […]

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Using AJAX with Laravel

On this article we will aboard how we can use AJAX on Laravel, but before lets take a little intro. Content: Introduction CSRF the CSRF protection ¿What is the CSRF protection? Using the token Different way of use ajax and laravel Introduction By default, laravel comes with javascript libraries preinstalled, being used or not is […]

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Http status code and reason message

Http header use http status to know what’s going on with the procceses of a request and send a response composed by Status-Line; (( general-header; response-header; | entity-header ) ); [ message-body ]; 1xx: Informational – Request received, continuing process 2xx: Success – The action was successfully received, understood, and accepted 3xx: Redirection – Further […]

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Javascript Arrays

On this Post we will see how to declare an array and assign values to it and how to manipulate it in different ways. Content: Delcaration and assignation Length property how to loop through an array forEach method Pop method Push Method Shift Method Splice Method Declaration and assignation Arrays are a type of variable […]

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