Laravel | Front-end

This is an introduction to Laravel Front-end or Frontend what sounds better to you. When you are creating a page you want to define what libraries you want to use on future, how we will process CSS and other things to determine the front of our site.

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Axios and Laravel

In this post we will see how to use Axios and Laravel. By default, Laravel comes with Axios and Bootstrap.

In this case, the default case you have not to do anything you can use post with Axios cause Laravel come with code that obtain the csrf-token for you and add it to header that will be passed.

Another case is when you will not to use the default code used by Laravel and complete erase bootstrap, in this case you will need to obtain the csrf-token.

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Using AJAX with Laravel

On this article we will aboard how we can use AJAX on Laravel, but before lets take a little intro. Content: Introduction By default, Laravel comes with JavaScript libraries preinstalled, being used or not is optional. You can erase these libraries and use other Laravel use Lodash yo can see on resources/js/bootstrap.js this is not […]

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