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PHP current function

PHP current returns an element in an array, more specifically its value.

All arrays have an internal pointer, which is initialized to the first element in the array. Therefore, current will have the value of the first element if next is not used.

Originally, current was created to be used on objects as well, but this is not advisable currently as this feature is deprecated.

Description / Descripción
current(array|object $array): mixed
Sintaxis / Sintax
$value = current($array);


$array – Array from which we will take its current value.


mixed (can be any value) – the value of the current element

false – if the pointer is out of range

Ejemplos de PHP current

First, let’s see a simple example: in this, we will understand what current returns.

php current
$calzados = array(
    "tenis" => "Nike",
    "sandalias" => "Adidas",
    "botas" => "Timberland",
    "zapatos" => "Clarks"

echo current($calzados);

Let’s see another example with the same array:

utilizando current como condición en un loop
$calzados = array(
    "tenis" => "Nike",
    "sandalias" => "Adidas",
    "botas" => "Timberland",
    "zapatos" => "Clarks"

// Establecer el puntero interno del array al primer elemento

// Recorrer el array
while ($marca = current($calzados)) {
    $tipo = key($calzados);
    echo "Tipo: $tipo, Marca: $marca\n";
Tipo: tenis, Marca: Nike
Tipo: sandalias, Marca: Adidas
Tipo: botas, Marca: Timberland
Tipo: zapatos, Marca: Clarks

The recommendation for iterating through an array is to use the PHP foreach statement. If you are still interested in using while, you may want to read about the PHP next() function.

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