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PHP array_push function

The PHP array_push function adds one or more values to the end of an array. As you can see in the description, the array is passed by reference, meaning that this function will modify the original array.

Description / Descripción
array_push(array &$array, mixed ...$values): int

The array_push function has the same effect as $array[] = $var; for each value we are adding.


If you have to add multiple values to an array, use array_push; otherwise, use $array[] =.

Many times, you will use $array[] = instead of array_push, for example when iterating over another array and obtaining values that you want to store in a new array.

$newarray = [];
foreach($array as $item){
   //some code here
   newarray[] = $var;

Note: This function will give a warning if the first argument is an array starting from PHP 7.1.


$array – the array to which we will add the values or value.

$values – the values or value that will be added to the end of the array.


int Returns the number of elements entered into the array.

PHP array_push example

This is a simple function; it doesn’t need more than one example to understand it.

// Crear un array
$frutas = array("manzana", "banana", "uva");

// Mostrar el array antes de agregar elementos
echo "Array antes de agregar elementos: ";

// Agregar elementos al final del array usando array_push
array_push($frutas, "naranja", "kiwi");

// Mostrar el array después de agregar elementos
echo "Array después de agregar elementos: ";
Array antes de agregar elementos: Array
    [0] => manzana
    [1] => banana
    [2] => uva
Array después de agregar elementos: Array
    [0] => manzana
    [1] => banana
    [2] => uva
    [3] => naranja
    [4] => kiwi
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