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HTML5 lazy loading

And finally, HTML5 lazy loading has arrived in all browsers. This will help you load images on your page lazily so they don’t interfere with the page load, but you can also apply this lazy loading to iframes.

As said in the attribute lazy is allowed in all browsers for images, and all browsers except Firefox mobile for iframes

You will no longer need to use third-party JavaScript scripts to apply lazy loading to your images. This lazy loading is also applicable to iframes.


<img loading="lazy" src="image.jpg" alt="..." />


<iframe loading="lazy" src="video-player.html" title="..."></iframe>

My recommendation is that if you are currently using another type of lazy loading, you switch to this one, since you will not have any type of conflict between third-party libraries.

Is more efficient on the improve of performance in our page.

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