certbot: System does not fully support snapd: cannot mount squashfs

If you are getting this error when installing snapd and trying to run it on Linux, it's likely because you are trying to do it on a virtual server (VPS). If this is the case, the server you are running on may be an OpenVZ or LXC container and not a real server, so you won't be able to install snapd.

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How to install Node.js on Linux

This post was created by pure necessity, it was not planned. A time ago, Node.js gave a preinstallation .deb file that you could install easily. Nowadays, Node just give you the binary file, and you need to do with it the installation. You could say ¿why not install it with apt-get? Well that’s not an […]

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Brute Force Attacks on linux

If you have a server online that could be a VPS(virtual private server) or dedicated server you probably are asking ¿how probable is to be my server being attacked? Brute force attack are more common than you could think, an example is this web, in a week receives attacks from 135 different ips from different […]

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VIM -text editor

Vim is a text editor that we can use in any OS, its really configurable and lightweight, two of the reasons why a quantity of developers decides to use it.

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Linux basics commands

Being a programmer or a simple user on Linux, it’s good to know the basic commands on Linux. Maybe you think ok I can handle this using my Linux GUI, but not. On this section we will see the commands that you need to know as a newbie on Linux. Content: Introduction Particularly I use […]

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